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3 1/2 HOURS LONG ON 2 DVDs. 

Price is now $20 with FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the USA.

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There have been hundreds of articles over the years in the magazines on weathering locomotives.  Most of these articles rely mainly on using an airbrush to lightly dust along the bottom of the sides of the locomotives and then passing the airbrush lightly in vertical stripes along the locomotive to show the effects of water washing dirt down the sides of the locomotive and tender.

These methods work fine if you are after an almost brand new locomotive.  "Used but not abused" might be a good description of the final look when done this way.

This method of weathering a locomotive has been covered many times so I am not duplicating this type of weathering on this DVD. 

Jeff Johnston has an excellent DVD available that demonstrates how to do this - -plus he adds more detailed weathering.  I highly recommend Jeff's DVD for anyone who wants to weather locomotives using an airbrush or who would like another approach not shown on this set of DVDs.  The price is $20 and I always have Jeff's DVD in stock.  It is an excellent value.

Jeff's DVD is a two-part presentation of the tools and techniques that will enable you to weather and finish a steam locomotive model. It starts with a steam engine weathering clinic, recorded "live," hosted by the author during the 2006 Pacific Model Loggers' Congress. During the 45-minute clinic Jeff took a stock Bachmann Climax  and weathered and finished it into layout-ready condition. During this clinic you'll learn how to use chalk powder, acrylic paint washes and an airbrush plus
various paint and sealer finishes. Part Two, recorded in the author's studio and workshop, covers weathering a Southern Pacific Cab Forward by Broadway Limited Imports. The DVD shows you how to take it from fresh out of the box to road-weary and well aged. 

Running time is 84 minutes.

On the 2 DVD set, Weathering Bachmann Steam Locomotives, I have tried to avoid duplicating the exact methods demonstrated by Jeff on his DVD and have tried to show other ways of weathering locomotives that have had heavy and sustained use.

While I do use an airbrush in one segment as I apply an overall subtle weathering coat to the locomotive, I did not use an airbrush in any other part of the 4 demonstrations.

Many people do not own an airbrush and a compressor.  Plus many people have problems with their breathing so I felt a DVD which relied on methods which do not use an airbrush  was needed.  Here I have used both acrylics and enamels based paints plus weathering powders in almost all the sequences.

Another important feature for the beginner is the fact that none of the 4 demonstrations require the modeler to disassemble any portion of the locomotive.

A special word of thanks goes to Tim Mulina and the gang at BHI Publications for allowing me to use their excellent books of high quality, close-up, detailed color photos of steam locomotives in this clinic.  Their line of photo collections of reference materials for steam locomotive modelers is fantastic.

And thanks to Todd Leftwich for supplying the live action shots of narrow gauge locomotives in action in Colorado.

Darryl Huffman
September 15, 2009

<p>Price for this 3.5 hour, 2 DVD set is now $20 with FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the USA.  Shipping to all other countries is at the cost of postage.</p><p>Darryl Huffman</p><p>451 N Evelyn Way</p><p>Star, ID 83669</p><p></p>