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 The first DVD is called Mountains and Valleys



The first part is on how to paint a mountain like this.  

All done with simple brushes readily available water-based paints.


Beginning with a simple sky color, you follow along as the distant mountains are developed. See how additional hills on the sides of the valley are painted to provide a feeling of depth in the scene. Finally, easy directions on how to paint three types of trees.

The scene at the right is from the video. It is explained and demonstrated in approximately 45 minutes--the actual time spent painting this valley scene.



Easy Backdrop Painting- Rolling Hills


An in depth demonstration of developing distance in a painting featuring rolling hills and plains.
Painted using acrylics, the method used is that of applying a base coat of color, following by two or more "highlight" coats blended in small amounts. The area painted is 4 feet wide and takes approximately 2 hours to accomplish in real time. We have edited this down to 90 minutes while still including virtually every stroke of the brush.
11 different "palettes" are shown and explained.
If your layout is located in a lush green setting, this is a great video to help guide you through developing your backdrop.
Available now.


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 Buyer's Comment:

Darryl, Just want to let you know that not only is the Rolling Hills DVD informative it simplifies the entire process so that anyone can produce a backdrop to be proud of.  If one follows your instructions, in a short time he or she can develop his or her own technique.  Great DVD.  Thanx again. 
Bob Erwin



Dave Biondi
Paints California
Foothills and Forests

Join artist Dave Biondi as he conducts two video clinics on painting backdrops.  In the first clinic, Dave shows us how to capture the green and golden foothills of California.  Dave then follows with a second clinic on painting pine tree forests.

Each  step is explained and demonstrated.  You will see how you can paint an effective backdrop using cheap brushes and inexpensive acrylic paints.

Dave has been painting backdrops for over 30 years and his work is well known to people who live in the San Jose/San Francisco area as his backdrops can be found on many outstanding layouts in the area.  Dave painted all the backdrops for the Yosemite Short Line On30 modular group which was featured in the May/June, 2005, issue of the Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette.

This program provides over 2 hours of quality instruction and guidance for both the beginning and advanced painter.

Price is $20 with FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the US


Each of the above DVDs sells for $20 each with free shipping to anywhere in the US


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