NEW Making, Casting and Weathering Details

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Two hours long.  Ideas and methods for adding details to your models and layout.


This DVD covers making small details for your layout.  The demonstrations cover each and every step in scratchbuilding several kinds of details.  These small items are built using only commonly available materials and easy techniques.

 The filming of this DVD was done using extreme close-ups of the items being built.

The first half of the DVD includes building a tiny bird's nest, a weathered picnic table and delicate lobster traps.

The second half of the DVD shows how to build shelves using common items for details followed by a demonstration of using RTV mold making materials to reproducing these shelves in resin.  The molds and castings produce a variety of shelves containing detail parts such as tin cans, boxes and other items.  How to label the cans and boxes is also shown.

Also included in the second half is how to make simple boxes and crates.

All demonstrations include how to realistically weather the wood and resin parts.

Recorded directly from the digital masters for highest quality, this 2 hour long video clinic explains and demonstrates correct prototypes in miniature.  The models are in 1/4" scale for ease of filming, but the methods apply equally well in HO, S, O, and G scales.

 Running time is 2 hours.

The above lobster traps, boxes and shelves with detail parts are all covered in this new DVD.

Price is now $20 with FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the US.

Shipping to all other countries is at the cost of postage.

There is no regional coding so this DVD will play on DVD players around the world.

Personal check is preferred.  But Paypal is fine as well.

For Paypal payments, I can email you an invoice or you can use my Paypal ID , your choice. 

If you are going to pay by check, please email your mailing address to me so I can get the DVD into the mail.  I never wait for the check to arrive before mailing.

Darryl Huffman

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I had an opportunity to watch the DVD while relaxing in my train room. Since I don't have a DVD player attached to the TV, I ran it on the computer. I LOVED it!!!. I have been modeling for over 50 years and consider myself to be an advanced modeler, but Darryl's new DVD gave me lots of new ideas and inspired me to create details which ordinarily I would only consider buying and not making.

I really liked the way Darryl gave you simple ways to make multiple different shelves for a bench by just flipping one backwards. I don't know which part was the best, the bird's nest, picnic table, lobster traps, or the workbench items and casting. I really liked the whole thing and he packs a lot of really good information in that two hour period. I also like the way the DVD is broken up into parts, so I can choose which part I want to review while working on a project.

Thanks Darryl, for putting out a really good and worthwhile video on some very basic detail items that everyone needs to make a scene pop out of a bland model structure. -Vic Bitleris
- - - - - -

I wholeheartedly support Vic's evaluation of Darryl's newest DVD. While far from an experienced modeler, I have been a big supporter of Darryl's work now for many years. Of all the RR DVDs that are available on the market, Darryl's DVDs are some of the few that I can watch and immediately set out to duplicate. My speed of creation may not match Darryl's, but I am insured of attaining a quality product. After all, honing or improving our skills is what it is all about. Darryl's DVD costs are the lowest in the market place, while providing a quality product for a very fair and reasonable cost. -Trent Mulkern

- - - - - -

Last Friday your new DVD arrived, but it was just this evening that I had the time to watch it for the first time. Just great! I really like this looking over your shoulder and seeing how you do things. Funny, this is so much better than what is usually done, filming from the other side (Dave Revelia's DVD is an example). You also use a very nice lighting of the scenes, making it all so
clear and realistic. And your narration and texts are, as always, the best I know! When you give your explanations I never miss one word, which I can't say when listening to many other Americans (but that's my problem, of course). –Jan Kok

- - - - - -

As an old scratchbuilder I always like to see what the other guys are doing. In that vein I bought Darryl Huffman's new DVD "Making, Casting, and Weathering Details". It's worth every penny.

Darryl does not skip around, he takes the viewer through each project, step by step, while he narrates what he is doing. Makes it all look easy (which it really is).

I think every Model Railroader should have a copy of this DVD and I have no connection to Darryl or his business, just want to tell everyone how good I think the DVD is, two full hours.

I somehow think that many model railroad layouts around the country will start sprouting tiny bird's nests, the DVD starts out telling you how to make them. It's really about the details. –Bob Santos

- - - - - -