Scratchbuilding in Wood

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Scratchbuilding in Wood - a 4 DVD set - 7 hours long

A complete program on building a structure board by board

How To Order

This 4 DVD set covers each and every step in scratchbuilding a wooden structure. 

The model is built board by board using only commonly available materials and easy techniques.

Each disk is divided into Chapters for easy viewing and quick reference.


     Disk One                                Disk Two
* Basic Design                       * Jig For Rafters
* Framing The Walls             * Rear Siding
* Preparing the Siding          * Wall Assembly
* Painting The Windows       * Frame False Front
* Adding The Siding              * Siding For Front
* Framing The Front

     Disk Three                            Disk Four
* Building Doors                   * Tarpaper Roof
* Installing Rafters              * Red Tarpaper Roof
* Shingle Roof                      * Smoke Stacks
* Hot Mop Roof                     * Frame Porch
* Front Sign                          * Shingle Porch
* Foundation

Recorded directly from the digital masters for highest quality, this 7 hour long video clinic explains and demonstrates correct prototypes in miniature. 

The models are in 1/4" scale for ease of viewing, but the methods apply equally well in HO, S, O, and G scales.

    Darryl Huffman, Model Builder and Editor

This 7 hour long, 4 video set, is available on DVD. The price is $30 Dollars. The $30 price includes all 4 DVDs, not just one.

Shipping and handling for the 4 disk set is FREE to anywhere in the US.  Shipping to the rest of the world is at the actual cost of postage.

There is no regional coding on any of my DVDs so they will play fine anywhere in the world.

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