3 Video Clinics - A 2 DVD Set

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3 Live Clinics - A 2 DVD Set

These three clinics were filmed as they were being presented during the Sn3 Symposium early in 2005.  Each clinic was conducted by  a nationally known,  award winning model builder.

The first clinic was given by Dave Revelia on "Figure Painting".  Dave's work is frequently seen in model railroading magazines.  Dave won the Best In Show award at the 2004 Narrow Gauge Convention in Santa Clara, California.

The second portion features Jon Addison's popular clinic "20 Tips To Become A Better Modeler".  Jon's award winning Silverton Central railroad has been shown across the country at many conventions.  His layout consistently wins awards and praise from everyone who sees his fine work.

The third hour features the late Brian Nolan on "Weathering Structures".   Brian's work is well known in the modeling community. Brian won Best In Dioramas at the 2004 Narrow Gauge Convention.

As you view this video, you will be joining the audience with a front row seat.  You will see the clinics as they were presented.  This is your chance to receive some of the best modeling advice available from some of the top model builders in the world.  Plus you will get a feel for the personality of each presenter.

Each clinic is complete and unedited.  Each is approximately one hour long.  3 hours total running time.   All three clinics in one two DVD set for twenty dollars.  Shipping is FREE to anywhere in the US

Shipping to all other countries at the actual cost of shipping.  Contact me for details.

How The DVD Came About

The 2005 Sn3 Symposium in Clearwater, Florida, was a great convention.  One of the highlights was the clinics.  There were many great ones offered, but these three on this DVD were especially helpful to model builders.

The room was small and quiet.  The audience small enough that the voice of the presenter came through clearly.  Each clinic is shown just as it was presented, unedited and complete.

We filmed the clinics for our personal library, but when we viewed them, we realized they needed to be shared with others.  Dave Revelia, Brian Nolan, and Jon Addison all joined with us in making this DVD available.

The information contained in the "passouts" is included with the DVD.  The only thing you the viewer miss out on is being able to touch and see up close the examples being passed around to the audience.

There were no slide shows or films used in the clinics, so you can hear the entire clinic and listen to the questions from the audience and the answers given.  It's the next best thing to being there.

Please note:  All the usual audience noise of coughing and whispering is here.  Also, there are no close ups of the items were were passed around.  Just lots of good information.

In the clinic room you don't really notice the noise of the audience, but it your quiet living room at home those roises come through clearly. 


Details On Ordering

This clinic is available on DVD. The set runs a full three hours.

The 2 disk DVD set is priced at twenty dollars which includes FREE shipping to anywhere in the United States.

Personal checks should be mailed to:

Darryl Huffman

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This is also my email address in case you have any questions.